It is one thing to have a good philosophy. Living it is even better.

Living it means: Practicing it daily both internally and externally - beginning with ''Good morning'' right up to the final line of programmed user interface.
Five pairs of words illustrate both how we wish to be perceived in the market and which characteristics define our performance - towards customers, partners, suppliers and one another.

  • competent and innovative
  • tolerant and open-minded
  • respectable and reliable
  • quality conscious and efficient
  • friendly and likeable


Competent and innovative

AFI - P.M. Belz Agentur für Informatik GmbH is the main provider of solutions for document management and document processes in the SAP environment. AFI develops innovative solutions and breaks new ground to offer added value to its customers.


Tolerant and open-minded

AFI also attends its customers in international markets. AFI is always a compentnt contact partner and provides much more than just software support for AFI solutions.


Respectable and reliable

The AFI employees consider themselves as motors of the company and they commit their activities to the success of the company. AFI always supports the entire project lifecycle such as analysis, implementation and maintenance. 


Quality conscious and efficient

AFI develops high-value software solutions in the SAP® environment which enable users to work easily, securely and efficiently. The AFI architecture offers a high degree of flexibility which meets all customer requirements.


Friendly and likeable

AFI gives life to the motto "the very best service for the customer". AFI employees are experts in their field and continually receive further qualified training.

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