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AFI supports ...

AFI writes HELPING with a capital H. Not only do we help our customers but also support campaigns for charitable purposes. We support organizations with different backgrounds every year.

Many of our employees also campaign for charitable organizations and HELP outside of their jobs and daily tasks.

Arche e.V.

ARCHE e.V., a registered Christian association for children and young adults was founded in Berlin in 1995 and has been trying to prevent and fight child poverty. In its facilities and on a daily basis, it offers the children a free, nutritious and warm meal, tutoring, meaningful leisure activities with sports and music and above all lots of attention. They need to feel important and loved. Many children do not experience this in our country. However, ARCHE boosts their potentials and talents. Relationship building, trust and sustainability have the top priority.

Geschenke der Hoffnung e.V.

“Geschenke der Hoffnung e.V.” (“Presents of Hope”) is a registered Christian association operating in around 20 countries. It is their mission to target help and hope at those most in need which requires people enthusiastically working together so that especially the children and their environment experience joy and gain perspective. This happens by the campaign “Weihnachten im Schuhkarton” (“Christmas in a shoebox”), initiatives for deprived children as well as projects of development assistance and humanitarian aid.

Hand in Hand e.V.

Hand in Hand Initiative for the Aid of the Children’s and Youth Hospice in Stuttgart was founded in 2012. Since April 2014 Hand in Hand is a registered association and considers itself as a commitment of different people who, by the organization of various projects, contribute directly to the continuance, advancement and work of the children’s and youth hospice of the hospice in Stuttgart. The aid extends to different areas, among most notably projects for the direct and indirect financial support of the hospice in Stuttgart.

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