Attachment List in SAP® – now with improved Overview

The so-called attachment list in SAP® limits itself to the mere basic function for the listing of all attached files and seems therefore unclear. The details to the archived files are not visible to the user: the correct selection of the sought information often is left to chance.

With the aid of DirectList, attachments and documents to SAP® business objects can easily be organized and structured. Various documents can be archived to the business process and are therefore addressable again for every user.

DirectList replaces the conventional SAP® attachment list and creates genuine added value by speaking titles and grouping of documents.

This is where DirectList as “Attachment List Plus” offers real added value: more details on the file type, more details on the file content, more details on the setup time and more details on the adjusting user.

Because of the simple handling and structured display, DirectList is an essential SAP® add-in which supports you during your daily work.


Highlights of DirectList

  • Integrated directly in SAP®
  • Optimization of the conventional attachment list
  • Better overview compared to the standard
  • Fully compatible with existing SAP® objects
  • Detailed information on file type, points in time and user
  • Very simple installation
  • Only minor maintenance efforts
  • Attractive pricing

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Your Convenience: search less - find faster

Whoever uses the generic object services in the SAP® business objects, does not want to do without this function any longer: by means of these object services, simple document management can be put into effect. Various files can be archived to the business process. Therefore, they are addressable again for every user and also securely archived by the universal SAP® ArchiveLink® interface.

DirectList meaningfully extends the basic functions of SAP® and therefore offers genuine added value. All important information, e.g. file type, file content, setup time and author are displayed at a glance. Because of the simple handling and structured display, DirectList is an essential Clever Tool 4 SAP® which supports you during your daily work.

Overview and information are a plus in the attachment list.


Fig. 1: attachment list in DirectList

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For further information about DirectList you can download our pdf-files below.

Download Product Brochure

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If you would like to learn more about DirectList and gain an insight into the functionality of the software in a concise online seminar, please arrange for your individual webinar appointment today!

Our specialists will be delighted to answer the questions of your specialty departments and will systematically respond to the demands of your company.

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30-Day Campaign

With our “30-Day Campaign” you can test the advantages of DirectList for a month at no charge. Simply and quickly order your test installation:

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