Optimal Master Data Quality in SAP®

DirectOptimizer is a software solution integrated in SAP® which checks for duplicates, completeness, VAT ID and materials subject to ReverseCharge in the customer and vendor master data.

The master data check supports you in the verification of all VAT ID numbers of your EU customers and vendors.

The test process takes place using additional services of the German Federal Tax Office and the EU Commission. More modules for the master data check in Switzerland and Norway are available as well. Incorrect or incomplete data records can thus be corrected quickly and efficiently.

DirectOptimizer checks the material master and lists material with and without customs tariff numbers as well as the turnover generated for materials with ReverseCharge obligation (grouped by supplier) for risk assessment. 

Materialanalyse Rev Charge

Highlights of DirectOptimizer

  • Master data check of the VAT ID numbers against the additional services of the Federal Central Tax Office and the EU Commission
  • Master Data check of the VAT ID numbers also available for Norway and Switzerland
  • Master data check for duplicates and completeness analysis
  • Material master data check and analysis of materials with ReverseCharge obligation, number of administered materials with/without customs tariff number
  • Automated test runs
  • Complete logging of inquiries
  • Simple and efficient SAP® data management
  • Authorization checks according to SAP® standard
  • Product solution without additional service expenses
  • Simple installation and low maintenance effort

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Europe-wide and secure VAT ID Check directly in SAP®

Deliveries and other services for businesses within the European Union are exempt of VAT. In the process, it is not the supplier in his country who becomes liable for taxation but the local beneficiary in the context of the intra-community acquisition of a good or rather the “ReverseCharge” procedure. However, the VAT exemption obligates the invoicing party to check the VAT ID number of the invoice recipient according to the Value Added Tax Act & Value Added Tax Ordinance. Many businesses are prepared for the legal requirement and currently use the manual check by the online service of the Federal Central Tax Office. However, this process is very laborious and time-consuming.

The module DirectOptimizer master data check by VAT ID number supports you in the verification of all VAT ID numbers of your EU suppliers and customers. A verification can be planned as a batch processing or also automatically proceed for example during each change of master data. The free online services of the Federal Central Tax Office and the EU Commission are used for the verification.

Additional modules are available for the non-EU countries Switzerland and Norway. The verification of VAT ID numbers can also be undertaken with DirectOptimizer. Switzerland's service does not verify address data but sends these back if necessary and so does the Norwegian service which sends back a business and/or postal address if necessary.

After the process, you receive clear results which can directly be attended to without any major effort. At this juncture all inquiries are logged and available to you as proof, e.g. to your responsible tax authority.

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Master Data Check for Duplicates and Completeness Analysis

An optimal data quality of supplier and customer master data in SAP® is the basis for cost-saving work processes in a business. Modern systems are running automated tests in the background and use existing information from the master data.

The better the data quality is, the more reliable the automatisms can undertake their tasks. In the process, the clear advantage lies in the vacated resources which can be deployed more usefully elsewhere.

If a system is outmaneuvered by a lower data quality or even duplicates, complex, manual corrections are mostly coming up. Furthermore, the master data are the company funds and thereby an outsourcing of these correction tasks becomes precarious not only for the protection of data privacy. In order to nevertheless use the full potential of optimal master data, it makes sense to preserve own resources by software support.

With DirectOptimizer you receive a software solution integrated in SAP® which verifies and optimizes the data quality in the supplier and customer master data with low effort.

The solution combines the maintenance of supplier and customer master data within one user interface directly in SAP®. The verifications can be put into execution and faults found can quickly be corrected with just a few clicks. This significantly improves the data quality.

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Material Analysis for ReverseCharge

The reversal of tax liability (int.: ReverseCharge ) is a special regulation in the sales tax law stating that not the supplying trader but the recipient of goods or services has to pay for the VAT.

According to the currently valid sales tax law, the supplier has to pay the VAT to the tax and revenue office. The recipient can claim the paid VAT as input tax. However, with the reversal of tax liability, the tax liability is subrogated to the recipient for certain benefits.

But the providing company bears the risk of the correct application because it is liable for the VAT which has not been paid due to a wrongly supposed reversal of tax liability. In the reverse case, the recipient of goods or services bears the risk of an ignored reversal of tax liability because he then cannot exercise the right to input tax deduction for the VAT wrongly paid to the providing company.

DirectOptimizer material analysis for ReverseCharge checks the material master and lists materials with and without customs tariff numbers as well as the turnover generated for materials with ReverseCharge obligation (grouped by supplier) for risk assessment.

The corresponding checklist of the customs tariff numbers from annex 3+4 §13b Value Added Tax Act are already maintained in customizing tables and can be amended or extended at any time.

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For further information about DirectOptimizer you can download our pdf-files below.

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