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Direct Scanning out of SAP

With DirectScan you attach additional documents directly to any SAP business objects without any detours. These are available immediately to others working on the process.

The simple installation and handling of DirectScan is convincing. The Clever Tool 4 SAP® supports any standard scanner with TWAIN interface. Inconvenient changes of program are things of the past. The user starts DirectScan directly out of the familiar SAP environment.

Furthermore, scanned documents are archived by SAP ArchiveLink® and linked with the corresponding SAP business object. 


Highlights of DirectScan

  • Scanning directly out of SAP, without changes of program
  • Support of the SAP ArchiveLink® interface
  • Support of any standard scanner (TWAIN interface)
  • Single scanning as single or multipage TIFF data files
  • Installation without modifications in an own namespace
  • Speediest implementation by SAP transports and customizing in just a few minutes
  • Attractive pricing
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Your Convenience: Simply handy

A familiar situation? While working in SAP, you receive a further inquiry regarding a process by phone, e-mail or workflow and could easily and quickly clarify and close it. The problem merely lies in the information being on paper.

This media disruption avoids the speedy solution. Inefficient processing methods start only too often. 

  • The document is copied and sent by internal mail where it arrives on the next day at the earliest.
  • You pick up the phone and read out the text.
  • The document’s information is tediously typewritten by e-mail and sent to the coworker.
  • The document is internally sent by fax.

In all cases, the processing is time-consuming and inefficient. Above all, the information is located far from where it actually is needed to be concentrated - the SAP business object. DirectScan helps with you with all of this - the solution for direct scanning in the SAP activity. Completely without barcode or additional troubles. 

Thanks to DirectScan, you attach additional documents to arbitrary SAP® business objects by any TWAIN scanner without any detours in the future. These documents are thereby available immediately to all others involved in the process and are also archived at the same time. The possible fields of application are versatile and the “Clever Tool” is universally applicable where generic object services are available to a business object, e.g. for the scanning of: 

  • Certificates of origin enclosed to invoices
  • Proof of services enclosed to vendor invoices
  • Material draft enclosed to customer orders
  • Quality protocols enclosed to delivery notes
  • Correspondence of candidates enclosed to personnel master data
  • Material safety data sheets enclosed to material master data

Without barcodes, without detours, without troubles: simply handy.

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For further information about DirectScan you can download our pdf-files below.

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If you would like to learn more about DirectScan and gain an insight into the functionality of the software in a concise online seminar, please arrange for your individual webinar appointment today!

Our specialists will be delighted to answer the questions of your specialty departments and will systematically respond to the demands of your company.

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Special offer »2 for 1«: DirectList free of charge with DirectScan

Why settle for one solution when you can have two Clever Tools 4 SAP at once?

Benefit from our special offer »2 for 1« from now until the end of 2019 and get DirectList, the optimized attachment list of AFI Solutions, free of charge for DirectScan.

Order directly and uncomplicated right now via the order sheet, install the tools in a few minutes and noticeably simplify your everyday work in SAP!

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