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Automated Document Management in SAP

DirectDocumentControl may be more than just a digital in-box. Incoming documents of all sorts are digitalized and assigned to the relating transaction in SAP. It is the digital center in your business with which any type of documents can be administered. Recognized document types are automatically assigned to the relating SAP® transactions in the DirectDocumentControl center.

New document types are generated by simple customizing and assigned to the SAP® business object. Relevant data, e.g. a notification regarding a change of address, can directly be adopted. The integrated reminder of DirectDocumentControl helps to recall dates and deadlines. The source document is directly available at any time during the complete process.


Highlights of DirectDocumentControl

  • Simple, direct access to the business process
  • Easier and faster document research
  • Simple adoption of data by Drag&Drop
  • Automated administration of authorizations by means of the document type
  • Reminder function for the follow-up
  • Assignment of one and the same document to several different business processes is possible

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The DirectDocumentControl monitor displays an overview of all incoming documents and their processing state. Detailed information on every object as well as details for the assignment of the document to the corresponding SAP® business object are available in the DirectDocumentControl center. As a result, all information is placed at your disposal quickly and clearly and you can process documents of all sorts centrally and efficiently.


Fig. 1: DirectDocumentControl Monitor
Fig. 2: DirectDocumentControl Center

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Modular System Architecture

One of the most important quality characteristics of the AFI solutions is the perfected system architecture.

It is configured modularly and perfectly aligned to performance.

The advantage clearly lies in the flexibility. Solutions can individually be adjusted to your demand without any problems and subsequently be complemented or extended.

System architecture DirectDocumentControl

Fig.: DirectDocumentControl system architecture

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Everything is possible – from Contracts to Changes of Address!

DirectDocumentControl processes digital documents as well as paper documents which are digitalized in the preprocessing and readout by OCR.

DirectDocumentControl offers a standard scope of many familiar document types and adequate actions can be initiated. A change of address can therefore be transferred to the master data automatically. Or an incoming delivery note can be connected directly to the correct supplier as well as posting the goods receipt.

You have your own document types?

No problem! Adjacent to familiar document types, additional document types can be implemented in DirectDocumentControl. Therefore, the solution can optimally be geared to your needs. Individual actions can be connected to this document type by customizing.

Different document types

Fig.: Several possible types of documents in DirectDocumentControl

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Language Packages

Are you internationally active or facing the challenge to roll out the solution in SAP® internationally?

AFI software solutions are delivered in the languages German and English in the standard version. Many other languages are available and can be purchased optionally.

The language packages are individually extendible and automatically considered for future software releases. This ensures that new functions and features are also intelligible and usable for sites and coworkers abroad.

Our sales representatives can inform you on available languages for the software solution. Just use the following link:

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For further information about DirectDocumentControl you can download our pdf-files below.

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Success Stories

AFI solutions are in action with many institutions and renowned companies. In our success stories we present you selected projects which have started successfully and stood the test.

You receive an insight into the manner of how projects are processed and learn about the reasons for decision making.

Success Stories made by AFI

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If you would like to learn more about DirectDocumentControl and gain an insight into the functionality of the software in a concise online seminar, please arrange for your individual webinar appointment today!

Our specialists will be delighted to answer the questions of your specialty departments and will systematically respond to the demands of your company.

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