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Electronic outgoing invoices from SAP

DirectBillingControl is an efficient and transparent solution for the electronic delivery of outgoing invoices from SAP® SD. Costs can be reduced significantly by paperless invoicing – with a continued optimum of transparency.

Electronic invoicing in SAP is supposably simple. Your administrative costs are reduced considerably. Costs generated by paper, printing, enveloping and postal charges do not apply. The collection period is reduced and the invoicing process becomes more efficient.


Highlights of DirectBillingControl

  • High saving potential by digital invoice transfer (time and money)
  • Faster ROI and clear profitability
  • Simple adjustment to paperless e-Billing procedure in SAP® 
  • Clear display of issued invoices per customer or sales area
  • Status display of dispatch and document type as well as payment run
  • Direct jump to the invoice display (SAP standard transaction VF02)
  • Original to each process available with a click
  • Maximum flexibility, data security and user-friendliness

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Central and clear...

Just like any other AFI software solution, DirectBillingControl offers a monitor in which all invoices are visible at glance. This is where detailed display and filter options offer to adjust the display to the needs of the user.

Recipient, delivery method and delivery date can also be found here beside the status displays of the invoice. Furthermore, invoices per customer and also accumulated invoice amounts are listed.

DirectBillingControl Monitor

Fig.: DirectBillingControl Monitor

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Modular System Architecture

The fully developed technology and the digitization of the invoice by DirectBillingControl conformable to law offer you maximum transparency and process security in SAP®.

An introduction of e-Invoicing will turn out supposably simple with DirectBillingControl. The solution is extremely flexible and scalable. It links adjoining processes electronically and thereby produces the optimal effect of process automation.

System architecture of DirectBillingControl

Fig.: DirectBillingControl system architecture

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Everything is possible – from ZUGFeRD*, XRechnung to EDIFACT

The adequate type of dispatch is available for each customer and can be administered individually in a simple maintenance screen. The billing of invoices continues to take place by the familiar transaction VF01 directly in SAP®. The invoice control takes place in the DirectBillingControl monitor in the familiar SAP® surroundings. This is where all important information such as invoice number, customer number, recipient, invoice value incl. currency, technical type of dispatch as well as delivery status of outgoing invoices are displayed.

The invoices can each be listed by customer or the sought-after sales area. A display of the invoice as source document or in the familiar SAP® standard transaction VF02 is possible directly from the monitor. From the simple e-mail processing including attachment (PDF dispatch) to the complex digital transmission, everything is possible with DirectBillingControl.

Any exchange formats such as ZUGFeRD*, XRechnung or further digital EDIFACT formats can be issued and forwarded with DirectBillingControl.

*a format for the electronic invoicing in the public and private sector

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Language Packages

Are you internationally active or facing the challenge to roll out the solution in SAP® internationally?

AFI software solutions are delivered in the languages German and English in the standard version. Many other languages are available and can be purchased optionally.

The language packages are individually extendible and automatically considered for future software releases. This ensures that new functions and features are also intelligible and usable for sites and coworkers abroad.

Our sales representatives can inform you on available languages for the software solution. Just use the following link:

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For further information about DirectBillingControl you can download our pdf-files below.

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Success Stories

AFI solutions are in action with many institutions and renowned companies. In our success stories we present you selected projects which have started successfully and stood the test.

You receive an insight into the manner of how projects are processed and learn about the reasons for decision making.

Success Stories made by AFI

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If you would like to learn more about DirectBillingControl and gain an insight into the functionality of the software in a concise online seminar, please arrange for your individual webinar appointment today!

Our specialists will be delighted to answer the questions of your specialty departments and will systematically respond to the demands of your company.

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