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Automated Processing of incoming Invoices in SAP

DirectInvoiceControl allows for an automated processing of incoming invoices in SAP. Invoices coming in by paper, fax, e-mail attachment as well as EDI data, are digitally captured and processed paperlessly. Your financial accounts department is updated at any time by the central invoice reception book in SAP.

The software solution is completely integrated in SAP. It accelerates the complete process of vendor invoices in purchasing and accounts payable – from scanning, recognizing and archiving via the invoice release workflow through to the posting in SAP.

The modular structure of DirectInvoiceControl allows for a flexible adjustment of the solution to your corporate structure as well as processes. It is compatible with existing scan solutions, OCR engines, EDI converters, archive and e-mail systems.

Highlights of automated incoming invoices

Highlights of DirectInvoiceControl

  • All values recognized are checked against the existing SAP data (master data, goods receipt, purchase orders, invoice duplicates)
  • Incomplete documents are initialized with data from the SAP standard transactions
  • Automatic assignment to order items, cost centers or G/L accounts
  • Manual assignment by Drag&Drop, convenient data completion by DirectEntry-OCR
  • Direct branching to various subsequent SAP transactions
  • The scanned invoice original is only a click away at any time
  • Support for electronic invoices incl. integration of digital signatures
  • Integrated assistance for complex processes by item splits and combinations, discount calculators, automated calculations etc.
  • Assistant checks for conformity according to section 13 and 14 (German Value Added Tax Act) and navigates directly to the input field
  • Invoice release, also on line items by SAP-GUI or mobile devices
  • Automated invoice postings by graphic rule set adjustable in SAP
  • Simple attachment of accompanying documents and data files
  • Graphic workflow designer in SAP
  • Clear workflow log as PDF attachment to SAP- posting
  • Versatile evaluations and long-term process statistics  

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Modular System Architecture

One of the most important quality characteristics of the AFI solutions is the perfected system architecture.

It is configured modularly and perfectly aligned to performance.

The advantage clearly lies in the flexibility. Solutions can individually be adjusted to your demand without any problems and subsequently be complemented or extended.

System architecture DirectInvoiceControl

Fig.: DirectInvoiceControl system architecture

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The DirectInvoiceControl workflow controls the invoice release process in dialogue with the specialist department or the automated posting of complete and accurate invoices within predefined limits with a graphic rule set directly in SAP.

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Module e-Invoice Mailbox | Filesystem | EDI | ZUGFeRD | XRechnung

With the DirectInvoiceControl extension modules e-Invoice mailbox, e-Invoice file system und e-Invoice EDI, all invoices coming in digitally can be imported, archived and handled fully automated in the future. The person in charge has the extracted data available immediately in DirectInvoiceControl for further handling.

More infomation about e-Invoice:

e-Invoice: chances and risiks


Input formates of incoming invoices in SAP DirectInvoiceControl

Fig.: Input formates of incoming invoices in SAP DirectInvoiceControl

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An increasing globalization of markets and a value added beyond national borders add to an increasingly complex processing of tax transactions in the businesses.

Furthermore, the modifications of prescriptions and case laws regarding the VAT formalities by the tax authorities accumulate. This consistently presents new challenges to the accountant. Among others, it is essential to avoid pre-tax loss, transfer the correct VAT and consider the extended ReverseCharge procedure.

In recent years, there have been an augmented number of special VAT and electronic audits which brought the fiscal authorities approx. 4 billion euros per year in additional payments.

The DirectInvoiceControl VAT-RuleSet supports you with these complex challenges. The module particularly shows its strengths during international transactions.

By means of certain features, DirectInvoiceControl recognizes invoices of deliveries and services within the EU and from third countries, compares them to SAP data and suggests the corresponding tax code. In the process, the person in charge is supported in his work by special assistant notifications right from the start. In case of a modification of prescriptions or case laws, a new AFI service immediately informs you by newsletter, gives recommendations on their implementation in DirectInvoiceControl and promptly provides you with an appropriate update if necessary.

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Processing of Debit Documents

Enormous manual amounts of work originate by the processing of reduced invoices in many businesses. Incoming debit notes (by e-mail, fax or paper mold) have to be checked for correctness before the profit-reducing posting and released correspondingly.

Most of the time, several departments are involved in this process. Documents are sent back and forth by internal mail between the departments in order to classify and document the verification notifications. In addition, copies are issued in order to remain in a position of making a statement to the customer. Finally, the document is posted manually and the original is filed. Or a conversation is held with the customer and its outcome is attached to the debit note on paper.

By DebitNote this process gains transparency. Additionally, the processing times are shortened, possible error sources are reduced and a complete documentation is guaranteed.

Along the lines of the vendor invoice processing, the reductions which need to be posted are scanned, archived early and automatically read by OCR document data (such as company code, customer, amounts and tax rates). A combination with other DirectInvoiceControl modules e.g. e-Invoice is possible at any time. The created document appears in the DirectInvoiceControl monitor (with customer number) including the original and can be processed from there by standard functions (notes, workflow and callbacks).

The posting of the debit note is now effected on the debits side. This process can also be carried out automatically after the successful release (e.g. by the key account manager or the customer service).

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With DirectInvoiceControl Statistic you can systematically issue evaluations, analyze your processes with regard to performance, spot trends at an early stage or identify code numbers (KPIs). You consequently receive maximum overview and transparency.

For a graphic editing, all evaluations and results can be exported to Excel. The module already has numerous statistic templates at its disposal in the standard.

Periods, company code and creditor, as well as the times of the process from scanning to the approval of the invoice can be evaluated. Further evaluations can be extended and added to own processes and demands in a customized manner.

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Mobile Office with UI5 Technology | Modul Approval

Processing of invoice is possible at any time and from everywhere. Whether with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. By application of the well-proven UI5 technology, the Module Mobile is platformagnostic.

Mobile access allows for the secure and simple participation in the process (account assignment and approval, rejection, forwarding as well as display of the original, notes, assistant and enclosing of attachments).

Therefore, tasks can quickly be coped with on the way. This results in a significant process acceleration and a more efficient use for everyone involved.

UI5 application for DirectInvoiceControl     Mobile approval of invoices

Mobile Application for DirectInvoiceControl

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Language Packages

Are you internationally active or facing the challenge to roll out the solution in SAP internationally?

AFI software solutions are delivered in the languages German and English in the standard version. Many other languages are available and can be purchased optionally.

The language packages are individually extendible and automatically considered for future software releases. This ensures that new functions and features are also intelligible and usable for sites and coworkers abroad.

Our sales representatives can inform you on available languages for the software solution. Just use the following link:

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For further information about DirectInvoiceControl you can download our pdf-files below.

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Success Stories

AFI solutions are in action with many institutions and renowned companies. In our success stories we present you selected projects which have started successfully and stood the test.

You receive an insight into the manner of how projects are processed and learn about the reasons for decision making.

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Our specialists will be delighted to answer the questions of your specialty departments and will systematically respond to the demands of your company.

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