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Smart Automation of incoming Invoices in S/4HANA

Solution4Invoice is a multi-function tool to process your incoming invoices electronically, automated and cost-efficiently in S/4HANA. Regardless of whether paper, e-mail attachment, XRechnung  or FatturaPA (e-invoice format according to German e-invoice law): the solution captures all data of incoming invoices digitally and processes it paperlessly.The invoice workflow steers the documents through SAP Invoice Verification securely and clearly. Due to a central incoming invoice ledger, employees in financial accounting receive full transparency. According to the invoice criteria, a high degree of automatic posting is possible. The seamless integration of the software solution into S/4HANA allows for the secure data exchange in real-time.Solution4Invoice can be flexibly adapted to corporate structures and processes because of its modular architecture. Existing scan solutions, OCR engines, archive and e-mail software can also be easily integrated.

Highlights of automated incoming invoices

Highlights of SAP Invoice Verification with Solution4Invoice

  • Time-saving by reduction of manual entry efforts in financial accounting
  • Validation: recognized invoice data is checked for completeness, correctness and against SAP data (master data, goods receipt, purchase orders, invoice duplicates)
  • Incomplete documents are preassigned with data from the SAP standard transactions
  • Automatic classification to order items, cost centers or G/L accounts
  • Convenient assignment via drag-and-drop, simple field completion by DirectEntry-OCR
  • Direct jump to various subsequent transactions in SAP
  • Digitized invoice originals are available with a click at any time
  • Support for complex processing with integrated help such as position splitting and consolidation, discount calculators, automatic calculations and much else
  • Transparent user guidance with assistant function (e.g. check as laid down in Art. 13b and 14 of the German Value Added Tax Act)
  • Invoice release also for individual items via SAP GUI or approval application independent of device
  • Automatic invoice posting is adjustable by means of a graphical set of rules in SAP Invoice Verification
  • Simple attachment of transaction-related documents and files in SAP Invoice Verification
  • Graphical workflow designer in SAP
  • Workflow log as PDF attachment to the posted SAP document
  • Comprehensive evaluations and long-term process statistics

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SAP Invoice Verification: flexible due to modular system architecture

The excellent system architecture of SAP Invoice Verification has a modular structure and is performance-oriented: it is clearly one of the most important quality features of AFI Solutions.Due to the programmed flexibility of SAP Invoice Verification, solutions can be adapted individually without any problems and supplemented or extended if required.

System architecture DirectInvoiceControl

Fig.: Solution4Invoice system architecture

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Secure Control of SAP Invoice Verification

The Solution4Invoice workflow can be easily designed in SAP due to a graphical set of rules. Thereby, the SAP invoice release process is securely controlled by the respective specialist departments. The status of the invoice verification can be viewed at any time. If invoices meet predefined criteria, nothing stands in the way of automatic posting.

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Module Extensions: E-Invoice Mailbox | File System | EDI | ZUGFeRD | XRechnung | FatturaPA

Simple importing, processing and archiving of electronic incoming invoices with the extension modules of SAP S/4HANA Invoice Verification: e-invoice mailbox, e-invoice file system, e-invoice ZUGFeRD, e-invoice XRechnung and e-invoice FatturaPA.

Any manual activities such as opening, viewing, removing of staples and stacking of incoming invoices can be avoided with S/4HANA Invoice Verification. Moreover, electronic archiving streamlines the effort of invoice storage.

Depending on the invoice format (ZUGFeRD/XRechnung/FatturaPA), the data is either processed directly or read out in advance by means of a recognition software (OCR). Immediately after, the employees see all invoices in the Solution4Invoice Monitor, the electronic incoming invoice ledger of S/4HANA Invoice Verification. The data is then available for further processing in the Solution4Invoice Center.

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Secure and convenient with the VAT-RuleSet

Increasing globalization of markets leads to an ever more complex handling of tax transactions in companies.

Furthermore, regulations and jurisdictions relating to VAT rules by the tax authorities change on a regular basis. Accountants must always keep up when it comes to avoiding input tax losses, transferring the correct VAT and considering the extended reverse charge procedure.

In recent years, the tax authorities have collected around 4 billion euros in back taxes per year by increased special VAT audits as well as electronic audits.

With the VAT-RuleSet of the S/4HANA invoice verification of Solution4Invoice, you keep on top of these complex challenges – especially with regard to international transactions.

The SAP S/4HANA invoice verification Solution4Invoice recognizes and compares invoices for deliveries and services within the EU and from third countries on the basis of certain characteristics. The respective tax codes will then be proposed immediately.

Special assistant notifications support the person in charge right from the start. AFI Solutions will inform immediately on any changes to the regulations or jurisdictions by means of a newsletter. If necessary, you will receive a respective update as soon as possible and recommendations for the implementation in Solution4Invoice.

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Quick and transparent Processing of debit-side Documents

In many organizations, processing of shortened invoices leads to a very high manual amount of work.

Incoming debit notes (by e-mail, fax or on paper) must be checked for correctness and released accordingly before they are posted as a decrease in revenues. Several departments are involved in this process. This is why it is often unavoidable that documents are sent back and forth by internal mail for checking and documentation purposes. Not to mention the backup copies that are made. On top of that, paper notes of conversations with the customer are often found as an attachment to the debit note. Eventually, the document is posted manually and the original is filed.

The module DebitNote creates transparency in the entire process: processing times are shortened, possible sources of error are reduced and complete documentation is ensured.

The reductions to be posted are scanned, archived early and automatically read out by means of OCR document data (such as company code, debtor, amounts and tax rates) in accordance with vendor invoice processing.

The module can be combined at any time with further modules of the SAP S/4HANA invoice verification Solution4Invoice such as e-invoice. The generated document including the original appears in the Solution4Invoice Monitor with accounts receivable number and can be processed from there by means of standard functions (notes, workflow and query).

Posting of the debit note now takes place on the debit side. This process can also be automated after successful release (e.g. by the key account manager or customer service).

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Better Decisions due to comprehensive Statistics

The statistics of SAP S/4HANA invoice verification Solution4Invoice provides you with maximum overview and transparency. Specific evaluations, KPIs and performance analyses focus on trends at an early stage.

An export to Excel allows for the graphical preparation of all evaluations and results. The module already has comprehensive statistics templates as standard.

Create evaluations by period, company code and vendor or analyze  the processing times from scanning to release. A lot is possible. Customized adjustments and supplements for evaluations can also be easily implemented.

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Mobile Working with UI5 Technology | Module Approval

Smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC: process your invoices with SAP S/4HANA Invoice Verification at any time and from any location. Due to the tried and tested UI5 technology, the module Approval makes mobile working possible platform-independent.With mobile S/4HANA Invoice Verification, tasks can be easily completed on the road, be it account assignment of invoices, approval or rejection, forwarding, display of originals, creation of notes, attachments or using assistants. Approval allows for full participation in the approval process, no matter where you are. This results in a significant acceleration of the process for everyone involved and an increase in efficiency.

UI5 application for Solution4Invoice     Mobile approval of invoices

Mobile Application for Solution4Invoice

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The module Communicator accelerates the clarification of communication processes with suppliers. With just one click, a letter to your supplier is created on the basis of the invoice data and the vendor master data stored in SAP. This is now sent directly from S/4HANA by e-mail (including selected attachments).

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Multilingual: our Language Packages

AFI software solutions for SAP S/4HANA are international and available in many national languages of course.The standard solution is available in German and English. Additional languages can be purchased optionally.Language packages are individually extendable. The language versions are automatically included with each software release: new functions and features are available to locations and coworkers abroad in a comprehensible way.Our sales team will let you know directly which national languages have already been implemented. This is where you can inquire:

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Product Brochure for Download

For more information on SAP S/4HANA invoice verification Solution4Invoice, see the Solution4Invoice product brochure as PDF. Download it now:

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Free and uncomplicated: Webinar on SAP S/4HANA Invoice Verification

Learn more about S/4HANA Invoice Verification Solution4Invoice in our compact online seminar. You will gain an insight into the software and its functions. Best of all: our specialists will answer the questions of your specialist departments directly and respond to the requirements of your organization.

Make an appointment for your personal webinar today!


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