Order-to-Cash Processes in and with SAP® - maximum Profitability

The value added chain from the customer order to the receipt of payment is referred to as order-to-cash process. The contained steps are normally geared to the needs of the company and defined correspondingly. The dimensions service, quality, costs and time are often made responsible for efficiency and effectiveness in the order-to-cash process and adjusted accordingly. They normally have a direct influence on the company’s cash flow and the customer satisfaction.

The performance in the value added chain can be increased by a strategic orientation of the departments. Paper-based work processes are replaced by solutions integrated in SAP®: from the automated customer order to the outgoing invoice. Ideally, the complete order-to-cash process is mapped electronically. By this, customer orders can be processed faster and more efficiently. Manual routine tasks such as the time-consuming processing of paper documents are avoided and losses of orders are impossible because of fixed routines and complete documentation.

Information relating to the customer order is collected and available in one interface. Transparency and speed in the process increase by this central overview and the “beelines” to information as well as the detailed search functions. Customer and internal requests can be responded to immediately. The quality of work in the order processing rises and the complaint rate is on the decrease.

By means of four success factors, we would like to illustrate which advantages are offered by a paperless software solution integrated in SAP®.

The four most important Factors of Success

  1. Standardization & Automation
  2. Transparency & Compliance
  3. Innovation & Performance
  4. Time & Cost Management
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