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Whitepaper about "order confirmation"

Transparent Order Confirmation in SAP

DirectConfirmationControl allows an automated processing of order confirmations integrated in SAP and makes them significantly more efficient, transparent and completely paperless.

Order confirmations coming in by paper, fax, e-mail with attachment as wells as EDI data are digitally captured and displayed in a central SAP book of arrivals for order confirmations. The purchasing agent is always kept posted by the clear status display in the DirectConfirmationControl monitor.

Variances to the SAP order (deadline, price, quantity) are visible at a glance and can automatically be adopted for the order or corrected manually. Articles with the status “confirmed as ordered” can be receipted, updated and filed with a single click.

The solution can also be seamlessly integrated with SAP Ariba.

Product video: DirectConfirmationControl (Please activate subtitles)

Whitepaper zum Thema Auftragsbestätigung

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Highlights of DirectConfirmationControl

  • Automated, electronic processing of incoming order confirmations
  • Order confirmation comparable to SAP order with a single click
  • Comfortable transfer of deadline, quantity, classification to the SAP order item data of the order amongst others
  • Variances of schedule (classifications) , quantities or price are visible immediately and can be corrected if required
  • Manual acquisition efforts are reduced by an integrated OCR data recognition with subsequent automated interpretation against the SAP order
  • Direct jump to the adjacent SAP transactions (order, purchasing info record, inventory and requirements list, master data)
  • Discounts and markup conditions can be validated and transferred to the SAP order if required
  • Efficient research by extensive filter and search function with automated completion

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High Operating Comfort and simple Handling

The high operating comfort and the simple handling of DirectConfirmationControl come into notice particularly in the transfer of corrections. The additional operations can be started directly from the overview. Everything clearly stays in DirectConfirmationControl: from the original documents via the header and the item data to the detailed information of a potential variance.

Corrected data for single, selected or all final SAP order items can be transferred directly with a single click. Schedules (classifications), quantities, prices eith increases/discounts are transferred to the order item and the original image of the order confirmation is archived to the SAP order. DirectConfirmationControl automatically records all modifications.

The time you spend searching for order confirmations is shortened by the efficient search function with automated completion. You have direct access to all related data. With predefined filters, display results can conveniently and efficiently be adjusted to the user’s requirements. Recurrent inquiries can thus be saved by personalizable filter settings and are also at the disposal of other users on demand.

DirectConfirmationControl Monitor

Fig. 1: DirectConfirmationControl Monitor
Fig. 2: DirectConfirmationControl Center

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Modular System Architecture

Complex systems become simpler and intelligible by a modularization. Another advantage is the exchangeability of the modules by defined interfaces. Adjacent systems can be linked with little effort even if they are operated in a physically different network.

One of the most important quality characteristic of the AFI-solutions is the perfected system architecture. It is configured modularly and perfectly aligned to performance and adaptability. By this, existing systems such as scan solutions, OCR engines, EDI converters, archive and e-mail systems but also external service providers can be integrated without any problems.

System architecture of DirectConfirmationControl

Fig.: DirectConfirmationControl system architecture

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Digital Mailroom

The SAP AddIn DirectConfirmationControl supervises all input ports involved and sends the data to the digital mailroom directly.

This is where ads or any other correspondence are sorted out or transmitted respectively. Header data and article positions are now readout with a professional OCR software and sent to the validation workstation for checking purposes.

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The market-leading OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software allows for an exact conversion of scans or image data. Only a minimum of manual controls are necessary nowadays to reach a 100% recognition. By a professional validation software, complete passages or characters are corrected in no time. Recurrent documents can be trained and as a result the recognition is maximally increased. 

Document Validation

Fig.: Validation in DirectConfirmationControl

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Language Packages

You are internationally active or you are facing the challenge to roll out the solution in SAP internationally?

AFI software solutions are delivered in the languages German and English in the standard version. Many other languages are available and can be purchased optionally.

The language packages are individually extendible and automatically considered for future software releases. This ensures that new functions and features are also intelligible and usable for sites and coworkers abroad.

Our sales representatives can inform you on available languages for the software solution. Just use the following link: 

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For further information about DirectConfirmationControl you can download our pdf-files below.

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Success Stories

AFI solutions are in action with many institutions and renowned companies. In our success stories we present you selected projects which have started successfully and stood the test.

You receive an insight into the manner of project development and learn about the reasons for decision making.

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If you would like to learn more about DirectConfirmationControl and gain an insight into the functionality of the software in a concise online seminar, please arrange for your individual webinar appointment today!

Our specialists will be delighted to answer the questions of your specialty departments and will systematically respond to the demands of your company.

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