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Digital delivery of outgoing purchase orders and order folders from SAP

DirectProcureDocs is an efficient and transparent solution for the electronic transmission of orders, order folders and inquiries to suppliers. With a paperless order, costs can be saved considerably and with optimum transparency.

Administrative expenses are signifi cantly reduced and simplified. Costs arising from paper, printing, enveloping, postage and archiving are eliminated and the environment is protected. The electronic execution accelerates proceedings and the sending of the order or the inquiry – and thereby ultimately the entire value chain. In addition to that, order release can also be integrated into the process via a workflow.


Highlights of DirecProcureDocs Purchase Order

  • High savings potential by digital sending of orders and request folders
  • Simple conversion to a paperless ordering process in SAP
  • Clear display of orders per vendor and purchasing area
  • Detailed filter options
  • Automated, electronic dispatch from SAP MM
  • Status display for dispatch and document type as well as approvals

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Central and clear

The central overview of the Software DirectProcureDocs Purchase Order displays all important status information of a delivery of outgoing orders and order folders from SAP at a glance.

Detailed display and filtering capabilities are available, e.g. Order per vendor, purchasing area, shipping method, time, status or cumulated order amounts.

Monitor of Software DirectProcureDocs Purchase Order

Abb. : DirectProcureDocs Purchase Order Monitor

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Modular System Architecture

One of the most important quality characteristics of the AFI solutions is the perfected system architecture.

It is configured modularly and perfectly aligned to performance.

The advantage clearly lies in the flexibility. Solutions can individually be adjusted to your demand without any problems and subsequently be complemented or extended.

Fig.: DirectProcureDocs Purchase Order system architecture

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Optionally, DirectProcureDocs Purchase Order can be linked to the workflow component in order to integrate order approval into the process flow. This speeds up the ordering process again. Every process step, from the request to the release, remains traceable.

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Language Packages

Your company is internationally oriented? Or you plan to roll out the solution internationally in SAP?

In addition to the standard languages ​​German and English, AFI software solutions are available in many other national languages ​​and can be purchased as an option.

The language packs can be expanded individually and are automatically scheduled for future software releases. This ensures that locations and colleagues abroad can understand and use the new functions and features. All available languages ​​for the software solution you can ask our colleagues from the sales team:

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More information about DirectProcureDoc's Purchase Order and the electronic dispatch of orders, order folders and inquiries with SAP can be downloaded in PDF format:

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You want to know more about DirectProcureDoc's Purchase Order, the electronic ordering of order books and inquiries with SAP, and get more information about how the software works in a compact online seminar?

In a tailor-made, personal webinar, our experts will gladly answer your questions or those of your specialist departments. We focus the webinar specifically on the requirements of your company and the challenges of your industry. Make an appointment today!

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