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Optimized Purchasing Processes with SAP

DirectPurchaseControl is a self-service request portal including connection of supplier catalogues completely integrated in SAP.

Together with SAP and Non-SAP users in the specialist departments, the purchasing department can process the procurement of non-product related material, services or material investment more efficiently and transparently. Request and requirements of staff members are therefore already concretized and automatically captured.

Electronic workflows accelerate approval processes and replace form processes linked to paper and mail. A monitor in the web portal and in SAP provides maximum transparency on the current state of all purchase requisitions and orders.

The common effects of maverick (or wild) buying are also significantly reduced by DirectPurchaseControl.


Highlights of DirectPurchaseControl

  • Automatization of purchase requisition
  • Paperless generation and transparent tracking of the purchase requisition in SAP
  • Digital process of approving & automated absence management increase the flexibility and shorten the processing time
  • Current status of each purchase requisition for requisitioners, approvers and purchasing department
  • Uniform data basis for SAP and web portal users ensures a clear processing of the requirements
  • Web portal capable of Single Sign-on and adjustable by CSS
  • Prepared for external connections such as eShops, catalogues or other data sources
  • Prevention of maverick buying (“wild buying”)
  • Prevention of an overlapping document processing
  • Synergies with the solution for incoming invoices DirectInvoiceControl: Uniform workflows, competences and automatisms
  • Simple splitting or pooling of purchase requisitions

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If IT-supported processes are confronted with paper...

...the productivity as well as the flow suffer because of the underlied media disruption.

AFI is number one on the market when it comes to the translation of business or document processes into the SAP world. Because of our wide experience of national and international projects, we are convinced that there is a profitable solution for businesses of all sizes.

With DirectPurchaseControl we offer the purchasing department a reliably lean and effective solution for the procurement of non-product related material, services or investments. The performance in the purchasing department will be considerably increased by the application of the solution. Purchase requisitions by paper, request forms, e-mail or Office templates are things of the past.

With DirectPurchaseControl, media disruptions are avoided right from the start. You receive total control and transparency of the buying channels as well as the status of the purchase requisition. The effort of an order is reduced significantly and it is therefore processed much faster.

DirectPurchaseControl Monitor    DirectPurchaseControl positioning

Fig. 1: DirectPurchaseControl Monitor
Fig. 2: DirectPurchaseControl positioning

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Modular System Architecture

One of the most important quality characteristics of the AFI-Solutions is the perfected system architecture. It is configured modularly and perfectly aligned to performance.

The advantage clearly lies in the flexibility. Solutions can individually be adjusted to your demand without any problems and subsequently be complemented or extended.

Fig.: DirectPurchaseControl system architecture

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Supplier Catalogues

Any number of supplier catalogues can be connected by the universal Open Catalogue Interface (OCI). An article access can be effected based on the roles assigned. Consequently, the requests and requirements of the coworkers and staff members are already concretized and will automatically be captured. The proportion of orders with PO reference will be increased significantly and bring synergy effects for the subsequent invoice receipt.

Fig. 1: Supplier catalogues in DirectPurchaseControl

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Rule Set / Workflow

By a rule set which is based on the roles assigned, DirectPurchaseControl controls the different steps within the process.

Electronic workflows accelerate the authorization process and shorten the processing time. All relevant changes and authorizations are consistently documented and archived as a workflow log.

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Mobile Office with UI5 Technology

The processing of the purchase requisition is possible at any time and place whether with a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. The module Mobile of DirectPurchaseControl is independent and high-performing by the use of the established UI5 technology platform.

A mobile access allows the secure and simple participation in the process (create demand, concretize and authorize). Therefore, tasks can quickly be coped with on the go. This results in a significant process acceleration and a more efficient use for everyone involved.

DirectPurchaseControl Webportal

Fig.: DirectPurchaseControl Webclient

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Language Packages

You are internationally active or you are facing the challenge to roll out the solution in SAP internationally?

AFI software solutions are delivered in the languages German and English in the standard version. Many other languages are available and can be purchased optionally.

The language packages are individually extendible and automatically considered for future software releases. This ensures that new functions and features are also intelligible and usable for sites and coworkers abroad.

Our sales representatives can inform you on available languages for the software solution. Just use the following link:

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For further information about DirectPurchaseControl you can download our pdf-files below.

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Success Stories

AFI solutions are in action with many institutions and renowned companies. In our success stories we present you selected projects which have started successfully and stood the test.

You receive an insight into the manner of project development and learn about the reasons for decision making.

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If you would like to learn more about DirectPurchaseControl and gain an insight into the functionality of the software in a concise online seminar, please arrange for your individual webinar appointment today!

Our specialists will be delighted to answer the questions of your specialty departments and will systematically respond to the demands of your company.

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