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Whitepaper order confirmation in SAP S/4HANA

Digital Automation of Order Confirmations in SAP S/4HANA

In purchasing, the solution Solution4Confirmation digitizes and automizes processing of incoming order confirmations in SAP S/4HANA. The process becomes more favorable, faster and more transparent so that there is time for the core tasks again.

Regardless of the entry channel, the solution Solution4Confirmation reads information from faxes, e-mails with PDF attachment or EDI. A connection to SAP Ariba is possible as well. The data synchronization between purchase order and order confirmation then takes place automatically. The purchaser receives a central SAP purchase book with which he is constantly up to date. Any deviations from dates, prices, quantities or Incoterms are immediately visible and transferred to the SAP purchase order at the click of a mouse.  

Solution4Confirmation is seamlessly integrated in SAP S/4HANA: employees use a screen from which they can conveniently jump to all standard SAP transactions.

Product video: Solution4Confirmation (Please activate subtitles)

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Highlights of the SAP S/4HANA Order Confirmation with Solution4Confirmation

  • Process efficiency due to electronic and automated processing of incoming order confirmations
  • Reduced capturing process by integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Automatic comparison of order confirmation and SAP purchase order
  • Fast and secure data transfer (date, quantity etc.) to the SAP purchase order or purchasing info record at item level
  • Transparent display of deviations (dates, quantities, prices, discounts, terms etc.) incl. fast correction
  • Direct jump to adjacent SAP transactions (e.g. purchase order, purchasing info record, stock/requirements list, master data)
  • Simple validation of discounts and surcharge conditions with direct transfer to the SAP purchase order
  • Fast research and analysis due to versatile filter and search functions

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Convenient and fast Processing of Order Confirmations in SAP S/4HANA

The transfer of corrections from the order confirmation to the SAP purchase order is possible quickly and ensures high processing convenience.  A simple click transfers data on schedule lines, quantities, surcharges and reductions for single, selected or all final SAP order items. Solution4Confirmation records any deviations and in addition to that, the original image of the order confirmation is archived to the SAP purchase order.

The smart search function with automatic completion reduces the search time. All relevant data is directly accessible. With predefined filters, display results can be adjusted to individual requirements. Thereby, recurring queries can also be used by other persons.

Solution4Confirmation Monitor

Fig. 1: Solution4Confirmation Monitor
Fig. 2: Solution4Confirmation Center

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High Performance due to modular System Architecture

Modular means flexible. With a complex software like Solution4Confirmation, the modular system architecture ensures usability and sustainability. Moreover, modules can simply be exchanged using defined interfaces. Adjacent systems from a physically strange network can also be integrated without any problems. This requires, for example, scanning solutions, OCR engines, EDI converters, archive and e-mail systems but also external service providers.

System architecture of Solution4Confirmation

Fig.: Solution4Confirmation system architecture

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Data entry / Mailbox

Digital Mail Room | Paper Confirmation |e-Confirmation

SAP S/4HANA Add-On Solution4Confirmation monitors all entry channels and sends the data directly to the digital mail room.

Other correspondence such as advertising faxes are sorted out or forwarded correspondingly. The professional OCR technology reads header data and article items and transfers these to the validation workplace.

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Latest Technology for Validation of the SAP S/4HANA Order Confirmation

The automatic readout of order confirmations is very complex. Such software does not come off the shelf. We rely on market-leading OCR* technology that precisely converts scans or image data. Only a few manual controls are necessary to ensure complete recognition of the required data. The professional validation software corrects complete passages or characters as fast as lightning. Recognition is maximally increased by training recurring documents via the software.

Document Validation

Fig.: Validation in Solution4Confirmation

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Language Packages: we speak internationally

Economy is global and Solution4Confirmation is available in many languages of course.

Customers receive the solution in German and English in the standard version. Numerous other languages can optionally be purchased.  

Language packages can be extended individually and are automatically considered during software releases. New functions and features can therefore be used comprehensibly for all locations abroad.

Our coworkers in sales know which languages are already available.

Just ask for:

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Download Product Brochure

You can find more information on Solution4Confirmation in our PDF product brochure. Download product brochure here

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Experience the solution live: Webinar on digital SAP S/4HANA Order Confirmation

Take a look at Solution4Confirmation live. Our online webinars provide a compact insight into the functionality of the software.

Arrange your personal webinar date today! Our experts will answer the questions of your specialist departments and respond specifically to the individual requirements of your company.

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