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AFI Customers send out Orders digitally and directly out of SAP from now on

May. 2016

With a new AFI software solution, outgoing orders will be sent out completely paperless in the future.

The advantages are obvious: by digitalized order dispatch, the complete costs for paper, printing, enveloping, dispatch and postage are inapplicable.

The complete order process will be accelerated. A faster dispatch is possible because any number of attachments can easily be enclosed to the order either by drag-and-drop or completely automatically.

Apart from manually enclosed PDF attachments for example, it is also possible to enclose information associated with the material from the SAP Document Management System (DMS) to the electronic order.


Special feature: despite of the automation, individual addressing and contents of the e-mail are possible per vendor and per procurement area.

In the so-called Monitor, all orders, including different status fields, are displayed clearly and transparently per vendor or purchase organization at a glance. The Monitor can be customized to the needs of the user by comprehensive search and filter options.

A migration to a paperless order dispatch from SAP is very simple and rapidly realizable.

You would like to know more about this new software solution for digitalized order dispatch?

You can contact us here:


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