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Optimized document management at a leading processor of stainless steel

Oct. 2013

BUTTING Group, a leading processor of stainless steel, decided to optimize its document management: software for the paperless invoice processing and extension of generic object services in SAP.

Since the beginning of the year DirectList facilitates the daily work at BUTTING within the generic object services. The basic functions of the attachment list in SAP are extended and structured through AFI’s software. Consequently all important information is visible user-friendly at a glance as for example file type, point in time and author. DirectList is a „clever Tool4SAP“ and fully compatible with existing SAP objects.

Additional AFI software is introduced for a transparent and speedy processing of incoming invoices: DirectInvoiceControl. The complete approval and booking process can be accelerated significantly through early archiving of paper invoices as well as the automated processing of Pdf-invoices. The processing status for all accounts payable is visible at a glace via the invoices reception book of DirectInvoiceControl. The extension of payment proposals in the F110 allows a direct jump to the digital invoice original out of SAP®. Subsequently the financial accounting can make sure which goods and services are paid prior to the transfer.

Founded in 1777 and with headquarters in Germany, BUTTING’s core competences are in forming, welding and materials technology. The family business in its seventh generation yearly processes more than 50,000 tonnes of stainless steel, special steel and clad materials. The company is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified, has seven sites in Europe, Asia and America and employs a workforce of approx. 1,600 staff members.

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