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Why digital payroll with DirectFinanceDocs Payroll pays off

Aug. 2018
Digitale Gehaltsabrechnung

Imagine printing out all your online activities such as e-mails, social media posts or comments once a month and sending them to your grandmother by post so she knows what you do every day.

Doesn’t this sound expensive, elaborate and absurd? Why should anyone print out digital data and send it by post these days?

But nothing other than that happens in over 70 percent of organizations that still send payslips to their employees by post. And yet remuneration data is created and managed electronically. For all intents and purposes, it also makes sense to send these digitally to the recipient in order to avoid the time-consuming and very costly external step.


One small step for digitization, one giant leap for your profitability

In a metaphorical sense, companies do not have to fly to the moon first to send payslips digitally. In relation to the enormous cost savings that can be achieved, it is one small step that can be implemented without much effort.

The safe and fast shuttle with 75 percent savings potential is called: DirectFinanceDocs Payroll. The new SAP-integrated AFI application complies with all legal and process-related requirements for sending remuneration statements securely and paperlessly by e-mail.

The solution can be quickly integrated into the existing system. Additional administration or training is not required due to the uncomplicated application.


First of all: confidential remains confidential

DirectFinanceDocs Payroll complies with all legal requirements for electronic dispatch. To make sure that no one reads, copies, modifies or deletes the payslip, the AFI solution plays it safe: The Payroll crypto service encrypts and signs the remuneration statement and packs it in an HTML container which is sent as an e-mail attachment. Only the employee can open the document with a personal password.

In addition to encrypted data transfer, it is of course essential that the employee agrees to the electronic procedure in advance and that the transfer process is easily comprehensible. DirectFinanceDocs Payroll ensures revision and process reliability through complete documentation. The service portal allows simple approval and use of the digital process. Employees do not require any technical knowledge.


Win-win for employers and employees

The benefits the employer or service provider extracts from letting go of printing and dispatching of payslips are perfectly clear: considerable time and cost savings. Even if only 50 percent of employees take part, digitization pays off and participation will increase over time only by word-of-mouth propaganda.

The employees also benefit from the modern solution. On the one hand, the delivery of payslips is uncomplicated. On the other hand, digital data can also be found faster in the private environment. The tedious and shelf-filling storage in folders is a thing of the past and for electronic tax declarations, it is not necessary to digitize everything again.


Conclusion: What are you waiting for?

The sending of remuneration statements is a rule-based process and that is why it can be automated even easier. Basically, the process itself is already digital. The printing process alone triggers an avalanche of costs as a result of paper consumption, envelopes, postage and the manual effort that should not be underestimated. All this can be easily avoided with DirectFinanceDocs Payroll. On the one hand, electronic delivery of payslips is the perfect entry into digital transformation. On the other hand, it is a very economical and final icing on the cake of digitization if a company has already achieved a high degree of automation.


Benefits of DirectFinanceDocs Payroll

  • Electronic dispatch of payslips in conformity with the law
  • Quickly implemented without complex IT project
  • No additional hardware required
  • Transparent overview and control of delivery
  • Upgrade of existing payroll accounting software
  • Employees do not need specific soft- or hardware
  • Very easy to use
  • Fast ROI


Watch video and more about DirectFinanceDocs Payroll



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