Digitization of Incoming Order Confirmations

  • Automated processes
  • Processing of all entry channels
  • Maximum transparency
  • High savings potential
Auftragsbestätigungen in SAP digitalisieren
Digitization of incoming order confirmations

Automation of Incoming Order Confirmations in SAP

Work more favorable, faster and transparent. With AFI Confirmation, your purchasing department processes your incoming order confirmations digitally and automatically in SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. 

Whether by paper, fax, e-mail with attachment, Ariba, IDoc or EDI data: you keep overview and control of all incoming order confirmations due to the central AFI book of arrivals directly in SAP. Any deviations from dates, prices, quantities or Incoterms are immediately visible and transferred to the SAP purchasing documents at the click of a mouse. 

Incoming order confirmations without deviations, but also those with deviations within defined tolerances, can be posted automatically (automatic confirmation).

The combination of AFI Confirmation and SAP Ariba is not only useful but also economical. You can read why this is so in our blog article: Why SAP Ariba needs an add-on solution?

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By the way: Since 2021 DirectConfirmationControl and Solution4Confirmation are now called AFI Confirmation.

Your Benefits

  • Process efficiency due to electronic and automated processing of all incoming order confirmations
  • Fast adjustment: Automatic comparison of order confirmations to the SAP purchasing document
  • Transparent display of deviations (dates, quantities, prices, discounts, conditions etc.) including fast correction
  • Fast and secure transfer of data (dates, quantities, prices, discounts, conditions etc.) into SAP purchasing documents
  • Direct jump to adjacent SAP transactions (e.g. purchasing documents, purchasing info record, stock and requirements list, master data)
  • Simple validation of discounts and markup conditions with direct transfer to SAP purchasing documents
  • Fast research and analysis due to a variety of filter and search functions

The Direct Path to Intelligent Procurement

The purchasing department is supposed to negotiate the best possible prices and maintain relationships with suppliers. Unnecessary manual tasks are a real time killer. Solutions like AFI Confirmation create space for core tasks and efficient e-procurement.


Best Performance: Data Acquisition and Validation

Central processing of all entry channels is a great strength of the solution. We use market-leading Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) to process incoming order confirmations that are not received as electronic data records (Ariba, IDoc, EDI). Only a few manual checks are required to ensure complete recognition of the required data. The professional validation software quickly corrects complete passages or characters.  Recognition is increased to a maximum by simply training recurring documents.

Das digitale AFI Confirmation Eingangsbuch direkt in SAP zeigt Ihnen zentral alle eingehenden Auftragsbestätigungen über alle Eingangskanäle hinweg.

More Overview, Less Queries

The digital AFI Confirmation book of arrivals directly in SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA centrally displays all incoming order confirmations across all entry channels. Elaborate symbols provide transparent information on any deviations from the purchasing document as well as the processing status. Current to-dos are clearly visible and numerous filters allow you to find incoming order confirmations quickly based on their various characteristics. In addition, the view of the Monitor can be individually adapted.

Better Work in the Center

The heart of the solution compares incoming order confirmations to the related purchasing documents in SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. The transfer of corrections from the order confirmation to the SAP purchasing document is fast and allows for a high level of operating comfort. A simple click transfers corrected data regarding schedule lines, quantities, surcharges and discounts for individual, selected or all final SAP order items. AFI Confirmation logs any modifications and the original image of the order confirmation is archived to the SAP purchasing document. The smart search function with automatic completion shortens the search time.  All relevant data is directly accessible and predefined filters allow display results to be adjusted to individual requirements. Recurring queries are thus also available to other users.

Smart Assistants

Support is worth its weight in gold: our smart assistants with displayed notifications ensure that the incoming order confirmation is processed correctly. With just a click on the notifications, the assistant jumps directly to the deviation and compares it with the purchasing document. The assistants can be adjusted to individual requirements.

Maximale Zeitersparnis mit der automatisierten Auftragsbestätigung

Automatic Confirmation

Maximum saving of time: rule sets can be predefined to check whether an order confirmation can be confirmed by the system immediately after receipt. This is also transparently displayed in the book of arrivals - no user action is required. An example of a rule set for automatic confirmation: incoming order confirmations from previously defined vendors are automatically confirmed and securely archived.

System Architecture Solution4Confirmation

Sustainable System Architecture

The AFI system architecture is a multi-tasking expert: it is designed to be easily adapted to company requirements and just as easily scaled. The solution is predominantly mapped directly in SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA and can be flexibly supplemented with additional modules.


Module for AFI Confirmation

Practice-oriented enhancements: even a module can be an elaborate overall solution that will give your processes and business efficiency a huge boost. You decide what is best.

AFI Confirmation schließt die Effizienzlücke in SAP Ariba und sorgt für die zentrale Verwaltung und Transparenz

Your Power Team

The connection of our solution for incoming order confirmations with SAP Ariba creates an excellently developed process  and connects all incoming order confirmations centrally in one tool. Because solely using SAP Ariba as a digital solution for order confirmations leaves out important information: on the one hand, there is no overview of incoming order confirmations that are not received via SAP Ariba.

On the other hand, SAP Ariba changes the data directly in the SAP purchasing document in the standard and thus adopts any existing deviations without checking by an agent. AFI Confirmation is an ideal complement to SAP Ariba and provides centralized administration and transparency of all incoming order confirmations. The persons in charge are notified of any deviations in a secure and transparent manner.

Sichere Bearbeitung und Prüfung von Auftragsbestätigung mit SAP IDoc

Secure Processing and Checking

As a standard feature, incoming order confirmations via SAP IDoc are changed directly in the SAP purchasing document. The deviations are noted in the book of arrivals and automatically submitted to the assigned person in charge for checking and processing.

Auftragsbestätigungen anwenderfreundlich in jeder Landessprache


User-Friendly in Any Language

AFI’s standard software solutions are delivered in German and English. Further languages are optionally available. Our customers currently have more than 20 national languages in use, e.g. Bulgarian, Chinese, Finnish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish or Hungarian. Language packages are individually extendible and will be automatically included in future software releases. This ensures that new functions and features can be understood and used by locations and coworkers abroad.      

On Premises, Digitization Service or Cloud?

One, Two or Cloud?

Your freedom of choice: Select one of the three solution variants that fits your company best and most economically. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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AFI Digitalisierungsservice Full Service

Digitization Service Required?

Better focus on the core processes: By outsourcing postal, scanning, recognition and validation activities to our professional shared service center.                                                                               

Digitization Service

AFI DocumentHub Cloud Service

AFI Cloud Services

Speed up your SAP processes with AFI Cloud Services: Process large data documents from incoming orders, order confirmations or incoming invoices better, faster and more cost-efficient.

Cloud Services

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Whitepaper Order Confirmation

Whitepaper: Better Digitalization of Order Confirmations

What functions does a system solution need for the digital and automated processing of incoming order confirmations in SAP? Find the right software and get smart!

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Further Information


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Live Presentation

Learn more about AFI Confirmation for the digital, automated processing of incoming order confirmations in a live-demo – via the web or at your premises. Our experts will be happy to answer the questions of your specialist departments and will focus on the requirements of your company. 

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