Supplier-/Customer File

The relationship to files is mostly ambivalent. At best they clearly consolidate existing information by means of their purpose making the research easy.

But often files also stand for a tedious information research, complexity and inefficient red tape: “I am“quickly” searching for the information and will get back to you immediately”. By now, the information technology deals with this set of problems in detail and with numerous approaches: electronic archives, document and knowledge management systems try to support these workflows and to organize them efficiently.

AFI pursues a clear and simple approach: search for your documents within the familiar environment – namelyin your SAP®-ERP-System. For this purpose we offer our SAP® file DirectFinder. Integrated in the SAP® interface and independent of the archive system by ArchiveLink®, DirectFinder combines the advantages of various file solutions: simple handling without interface disruption, pinpoint support in the process and easy installation.


DirectFinder for the SAP® customer file optimally supports processes and tasks of your staff in sales, customer service and accounting. Of course the detailed characteristics can easily be adjusted to individual needs and an access control is possible. Therefore, every member of staff receives an own insight of processes and documents.

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