Would you like to take advantage of the benefits of e-Invoicing?

With the simplification of the digital invoice by the legislative authorities, its acceptance in the B2B environment has increased significantly. More and more companies see the enormous savings potential of the electronic invoice.

The transfer from the paper invoice to the digital world saves companies a lot of time and costs. Up to 80% of the expenses can be saved on the basis of digital invoice transfer alone. Consequently, manual tasks such as printing, folding , enveloping and distribution as well as postage for the dispatch do not apply.

The invoice recipient has to take efforts such as opening, removing staples, recording, checking, releasing and archiving of the paper invoices. In the electronic world an intelligent release process with arbitrary levels of escalation is entered where previously a paper copy of the invoice was used for the release.

Not only are there savings of up to 80% of the costs by the electronic invoice but the internal and external communication flows are significantly improved and accelerated.

You too can benefit from the potential of your invoices – we will support you!

DirectInvoiceControl - Invoice Receipt

DirectInvoiceControl is the better solution to organize the invoice receipt and the release of invoices automatically and to accelerate them this way. Gain transparency and efficiency by the individually adjustable release workflow and a clear display of all incoming invoices and their processing status.

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DirectBillingControl - Outgoing Invoices

DirectBillingControl is the better solution to dispatch the outgoing invoices electronically. The fully developed technology and the digitization of the invoice conformable to law offer you maximum transparency and process security in SAP®. An introduction of e-Invoicing with DirectBillingControl will turn out supposably simple.

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