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Automated processing of incoming invoices in SAP

Are you looking for a solution for the automated processing of incoming invoices?

Companies see themselves confronted with thousands of incoming invoices which all need to be verified and released for payment. This practice should be automated for the purpose of enabling the financial accounts department and the departments involved in the invoice release to obtain a smooth and transparent process. The transparency of the process suffers particularly when the incoming invoices are passed on to the approver on paper. How can the transparency be guaranteed and how can the test and approval procedure of incoming invoices also be automated and optimized?

With an AFI software solution of course!

A software solution supports and accelerates the approval procedure and processing of incoming invoices in accounts payable. From scanning, recognizing and archiving via the invoice release workflow through to the automated posting in SAP. Approval procedures are significantly accelerated by an electronic workflow and can be verified and released in SAP, in a web application and also by an APP for mobile devices.

automated and electronic incoming invoices in SAPAFI solution for automated invoice receipt

Automate and accelerate invoice receipt and approval with our integrated SAP solutions. Gain visibility and efficiency through customizable approval workflows and a clear view of all incoming invoices and their processing status. 

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Automated incoming invoice processing: optimal management of invoices by automated processes

Companies receive incoming invoices in various ways: by paper as well as electronically by e-mail with PDF attachments for example (keyword: ZUGFeRD (a format for electronic invoicing in the public and private sector in Germany) more on ZUGFeRD) or in the form of EDI more on EDI.

With DirectInvoiceControl, we offer a solution for the electronic processing of invoices which is consistently integrated in SAP - including integration of mobile users via UI5.

Our invoice solution is the suitable software to quickly capture an incoming invoice and optimally prepare it for further processing.

When the incoming paper invoice is scanned, the OCR reads the relevant data of the documents and automatically checks them against master and transaction data in the ERP. This ensures a high recognition quality. In the case of electronically received invoices, the data are read directly. The sanity check of data takes place against the information available in the ERP. In order to comply with the legal standards in Germany, the incoming invoice is checked for conformity according to §13 and §14 of the German Value Added Tax Act more on UStG §13 & §14

Upon validation of the invoice, a rule-based workflow will automatically be started in SAP. Automated control takes place individually by the company’s channels and departments involved right up to the automated posting in the ERP system.

By this automation, the accounts department has immediate access to all information relevant for checking in the ERP at any time. All invoice data can be processed and tracked in the system. It is possible to easily jump from invoice processing into the corresponding orders or to display relevant information – e.g. GR documents.

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