electronic outgoing invoices in SAP

Are you looking for a solution for the digital invoice transfer?

Electronic invoicing in SAP® is supposably simple. Your administrative costs are considerably reduced. The savings potential of the electronic invoice is promising. The result of a study conducted by Deutsche Bank Research revealed a cost reduction of 80%.

During research, the cost factors for printing, paper, enveloping, dispatch, payment reminders and cash management as well as archiving were analyzed and opposed to the electronic process. The highest savings potential was identified in the subsequent processing (printing, paper and dispatch).

A valuable side effect is the increase in process transparency. It has an impact on the total business performance because the collection period is shortened and the invoicing process becomes more efficient.

electronic outgoing invoices in SAP

DirectBillingControl - Outgoing invoice

DirectBillingControl is the better solution to dispatch the outgoing invoices electronically. The fully developed technology and the digitization of the invoice conformable to law offer you maximum transparency and process security in SAP®. An introduction of e-Invoicing with DirectBillingControl will turn out supposably simple.

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