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Support of the acquisition process for customer orders

Are you looking for a solution for the capturing and processing of customer orders?

Customer orders need to be verified and processed no matter if on paper or in digital version. By way of example, it needs to be verified whether the goods ordered by the customer are available in the first place before the order can be confirmed. If this process is not optimized, many resources and costs are lost. Therefore, the complete capturing process of orders should be automated. But how is this possible?

With an AFI software solution of course!

With a software solution for the automated capturing and processing of customer orders, you accelerate your processes and make them more transparent at the same time.

All important data of the orders are viewable immediately as soon as they have arrived in the mailroom or have been received by your fax solution or by e-mail, e.g. order numbers, desired delivery dates and the processing progress. 

Delayed processing or lost orders are things of the past.

DirectOrderControl: Customer orders in SAP

To the AFI solution DirectOrderControlDirectOrderControl

DirectOrderControl is the better solution for the acceleration of the complete capturing process for customer orders in sales, customer support and call centers – from scanning, recognizing and archiving to creating orders in SAP. 

DirectOrderControl is compatible with existing scan and fax solutions, OCR engines, EDI converters, web shop connections, archive and e-mail systems.

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