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Goodbye to paper chaos: Digitalise outgoing orders and order folders

Say goodbye to the paper! Full transparency in the control and dispatch of outgoing orders and order folders only works digitally.

When was an order sent with which accompanying documents to the supplier xy? Those who want to find the answers to these questions on paper will search for a long time and may not find everything: Comments will be noted on some stickers in the orders. Such notes are often lost and often lead to misunderstandings in the voting process.

Digital data ensure greater efficiency and transparency. Electronic order folders can be easily compiled by automatically attaching accompanying documents such as drawings.

Costs for paper, printing and shipping are a thing of the past. Regardless of vendor and purchasing organization, the dispatch status of all outgoing orders can be viewed at any time. Electronic workflows also accelerate the approval process. Order originals can be viewed immediately at the click of a mouse. Seamless documentation of electronic processes ensures transparency and rapid information availability.

To the AFI solution DirectProcureDocs Modul Purchase OrderDirectProcureDocs Purchase Order

With DirectProcureDocs Purchase Order module you can manage and send outgoing orders and order folders comfortably from SAP MM. Workflows control the user precisely and transparently through order release. From the inquiry to the release, every processing step remains traceable.

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