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ASSIST4 Communication Management System

A data hub and complete EDI converter which combines the business processes of heterogeneous systems and integrates all customers and vendors. Unify your processes as c-business with ASSIST4 Communication Management System.

Control your business workflow!

ASSIST4 Communication Management System transmits, converts and actively and reliably monitors your communication processes. It is the middleware for cross-media B2B business processes. You can present information from different applications together in the Web.


Gain by Process Integration

  • Automation
    Simple implementation of automated, continuous business processes
  • Data Consistency
    Consistency of all data inventories for all applications
  • Security
    Reliable processing of even critical data by logging and self-monitoring
  • Transparency
    Process information in plain text or as graphical display
  • Cost Savings
    Avoidance of multiple data entry
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Data Conversion

ASSIST4 Communication Management System (ACMS) enables the easy integration of any system by its client-server-architecture and its support of numerous types of interfaces.

For example, data from an SQL data bank as MS-Access, Oracle or Sybase can be read out and passed on to SAP whereupon any data conversions are possible.

Practically any number of different systems can be connected and the incurred data can be converted between these systems depending on requirements.

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Automated function monitoring

Automated Function Monitoring Secure business processes require absolutely reliable processes in the system integration. ASSIST4 Communication Management System independently identifies error conditions of all systems involved and thereby avoids costly downtimes.

As a rule, ACMS performs its service as a so-called “Black box” meaning that the administrator of the source system and the staff members of the subordinated application systems act on the assumption of an error-free data transfer. Despite of a high availability of your system environment, it can happen that in the business process chain from the source to the target system, errors of all different kinds can occur:

  • Source or target systems are physically not available
  • Data are erroneous
  • Resources are not available (network drives, remote servers)
  • ACMS itself was shut down

If the systems involved are not continuously monitored, it might take a very long time under certain circumstances until an error is detected, reported and finally corrected. ACMS monitors your systems: critical system statuses are automatically detected and immediately reported to the administrator who can consequently assure a secure communication.

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Supported File Formats

The main task of ACMS: The conversion of all common file formats - forwards and backwards and configured quite simply.

  • IDoc
  • VDA
  • SWIFT and XML
  • CSV
  • and many more
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Communication Protocol

Many different communication protocols and techniques required? No problem: ACMS can handle these back to front.

  • FTP
  • X.400
  • FTAM
  • E-Mail (POP3, IMAP, SMTP)
  • SMS
  • etc.
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