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Digital BANF: Electronic Purchase Requisitions | Blog

Electronic purchase requisitions standardize procurement

In theory, the benefits of IT-supported procurement systems are beyond question. But why have electronic solutions not yet been able to gain widespread acceptance in practice?

· by Nadine Wiemer
Procurement 4.0 and its Benefits | Blog

Procurement 4.0 and its Benefits

In the course of the fourth industrial revolution, high expectations were placed on procurement and the associated term »Procurement 4.0«. The advantages of Procurement 4.o help to master the new…

· by Stefan Fellner
Warum Robotic Process Automation »dumm« ist ─ der Einsatz in SAP aber trotzdem schlau
Digital Transformation

Why RPA is »dumb« ─ but its use in SAP smart after all.

Gartner’s IT analysts estimate that at least 85 % of all large companies will use RPA by the end of 2022. Primarily, RPA does not have anything to do with process optimization but the use of software…

· by Simon Kaul
Digital Transformation

More Sustainability in Information Technology

Climate-damaging greenhouse emissions, more plastic than fish in the oceans before long, melting of polar ice caps, dwindling drinking water, growing deserts, deforested rainforests, species…

· by Marian Spohn
SAP Ariba and AFI Solutions | Blog

Why does SAP Ariba need an add-on solution?

It is both motivation and confirmation when customers communicate clearly and without being asked that AFI’s solution for digital processing of order confirmations is an optimal choice – especially in…

· by Stefan Fellner
Order Confirmations 4.0 SAP Add-On | Blog

Order Confirmations 4.0: the Road to the suitable SAP Add-On

Media disruptions cost staff in purchasing time and nerves. Therefore, many purchasers dream of full transparency across all purchase organizations. With electronic and automated processing of…

· by Fabian Rückels
European Electronic Invoicing | Blog
E-Invoicing Formats

The long road to European electronic invoicing

Various e-invoicing formats and procedures, new EU Directives on e-invoices or country-specific transmission requirements are bringing along many changes for companies in Europe.

· by Marian Spohn
AFI solutions as cloud services in the future | Blog
Digital Transformation

AFI solutions as cloud services in the future

Interview with Sven Schal, one of AFI’s two managing directors

· by Laura Herzig

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