AFI Xpense, Digital travel expense management

Mercer Rosenthal

Digital travel expense management at Mercer International

Mercer Rosenthal keeps pushing the digitization of its entire business processes in SAP and continues to draw on the document experts from AFI Solutions for this purpose. This time, the subject of travel expenses and out-of-pocket expenses was next up on the agenda.

"I've never recorded and settled a trip so quickly in my life," declares Christoph Grewe-Franze, CIO at Mercer Rosenthal, delighted with the digital recording of travel expenses with the new AFI Xpense add-on. Due to the AFI solution, expenses and receipts can now be recorded in a user-friendly, flexible, and location-independent manner through the AFI Xpense web interface or app.

Check out the success story for more details on the digitization of travel expense management at Mercer Rosenthal.

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Digital travel expense accounting
Travel Expense Reports

Digital submission of expenses, bills and travel expense reports via mobile apps - simple, user-friendly and paperless.

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