Purchase Requisition, Incoming Order Confirmations, Incoming Invoices

Mercer Rosenthal

How Mercer Rosenthal is going all digital with the purchase-to-pay process!

Mercer Rosenthal had the digitisation of its entire business processes on the agenda. Because the processes from purchase order to payment are interlinked in the purchase-to-pay process since they are geared to each other.

However, the fact is that the transactions are often not digitally interconnected in practice. The pulp manufacturer recognized this and went all out. The success proves Mercer Rosenthal right, as Rainer Ackerman, project manager at Mercer Rosenthal, explains:

„Starting with the internal purchase requisition through the processing of incoming order confirmations as well as incoming invoices, we now benefit from end-to-end efficiency in the purchase-to-pay process. From our point of view, the processes are automated to perfection. Staff members are spared unnecessary manual tasks, and the transparency makes work easier. Since we have optimized processes that are interlinked, the data quality is growing exponentially."

Read the Success Story to find out how the digitization project in SAP went in detail at Mercer Rosenthal. Just click on the download button and start reading.

Download Success Story
Solution in use
Purchase Requisitions
Purchase Requisitions

Internal procurement can work just like online ordering: everything completely electronic of course.

Incoming Order Confirmations
Incoming Order Confirmations

Digital and automated processing of incoming order confirmations in SAP is a must-have in procurement. The solution also provides SAP Ariba with the crucial efficiency factor

Incoming Invoices
Incoming Invoices

Processing of incoming invoices as it should be nowadays: central, digital and automated in the best possible way: The logical consequence is full transparency and control.

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