Digital Order Confirmations in SAP

  • Keeping everything under control with a 360-degree view in the AFI Monitor
  • Speedy, accurate processing due to intelligent assistants
  • Clear comparison of purchasing document and order confirmation item
  • End-to-end integration in SAP
  • Simple connection to SAP Ariba
  • Liberty to work from any location
Auftragsbestätigungen in SAP digitalisieren
Digitization of incoming order confirmations

Automation of Incoming Order Confirmations in SAP

Save time in purchasing to perform the tasks for which you are qualified. Manual comparison and typing of order confirmations are certainly not one of them. AFI Confirmation eliminates unnecessary efforts and ensures that the processing of your order confirmations is digital, automated, and seamless in SAP. You benefit from a secure and transparent process. Customers have confirmed a measurable increase in efficiency and potential savings of up to 70 percent.

Digital and transparent Processing of Order Confirmations from end to end

The solution automatically captures incoming order confirmations digitally, regardless of whether they arrive via e-mail with attachment, fax, or electronic data format.
A 360-degree view in the AFI Monitor keeps you in control of all captured order confirmations in SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP. You can see all important functions such as search, filtering, status overview and results list at a glance. AFI Confirmation checks the documents for variances such as price, quantity, or deadline. Intelligent assistants support you in checking them and guide you reliably through processing.

Automatic order confirmation

The fewer order confirmations operational buyers receive the better. For this purpose, documents without variances can be automatically confirmed by smart rules. Reduce your manual activities to a minimum and use AFI Confirmation for fast, accurate and process-safe processing of your order confirmations.

The combination of AFI Confirmation and SAP Ariba is not only useful but also economical. You can read why this is so in our blog article: Why SAP Ariba needs an add-on solutions?

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By the way: Since 2021 DirectConfirmationControl and Solution4Confirmation are now called AFI Confirmation.

Your Benefits

  • SAP-certified: certified by SAP with the "Integration with SAP S/4HANA" certificate
  • The 360-degree view in the AFI Confirmation Monitor keeps the purchasing department updated
  • Fast processing: order confirmation data can be transferred to the SAP purchasing document with one click
  • Convenient transfer of date, quantity, schedule line etc. to SAP order header and item data
  • Transparent display of variances in dates, quantities, prices, discounts, conditions, schedule lines and much more
  • Reduction of manual data acquisition efforts by means of integrated data recognition with automatic evaluation against the SAP purchasing document
  • Direct jump to related SAP transactions such as purchasing document, purchasing info record, master data, stock and requirements list
  • Discounts and surcharge conditions can be checked if required and transferred to the SAP purchasing document
  • Work from any location: unrestricted access to all documents, even when working from home
  • Customized: the modular architecture of AFI Confirmation flexibly adjusts to your company structures as well as process chains
  • Short project phase: no coordination or adjustment effort for the integration of suppliers
  • AFI Academy: learn online when and where it suits you best with interactive as well as multimedia learning content


Procurement 4.0, E-Procurement & intelligent Procurement

With our order confirmation software you can turn buzzwords into real benefits that are in line with your business requirements.


Multi-Channel-Input-Managemet graphic

Intelligent Capturing and Validation

You have the choice: the software for order confirmations provides different variants for the processing of incoming documents as well as automated data recognition. This includes the option of a classic on-premises installation, a cloud variant including AI learning, or complete outsourcing to our digitization service (AFI RedPaperCenter). E-mail and other electronic data formats such as SAP Ariba, IDoc or EDI/EDIFAKT can be flexibly integrated.  


Screenshot of the AFI Monitor Overview

Better overview, fewer question marks

The AFI Confirmation Monitor is your book of arrivals directly in SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP and displays all incoming order confirmations centrally across all entry channels.  It provides you with a 360-degree view of your transactions with search functions, filter options, status overview as well as results list.


Screenshot overview of the AFI Confirmation Center

Order confirmation check made efficient

The heart of the software for order confirmations compares incoming purchase order confirmations with the corresponding purchasing documents in SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP: from the original document to header and item data to the detailed information of variances, you are in control of everything in the AFI Center.

Corrected data for individual, selected or all SAP order items can be transferred directly with one click. High processing convenience and intuitive handling of AFI Confirmation are particularly noticeable in the transfer of corrections. All relevant data of the related SAP transactions is directly accessible. During the entire process, notes or other supporting documents can be attached directly to the transaction.


Clever Support for smart Buyers

When processing order confirmations in AFI Confirmation, smart assistants support users and guide them through the process in a comprehensible manner by means of processing notes. With just one click on the notes, the assistant jumps directly to the variance and compares it with the purchasing document. The extensive rule set of the assistants can be individually adjusted.


Everything included! Secure and comprehensible

With the confirmation, the solution transfers all data such as dates, schedule lines, quantities or prices with surcharges and discounts to the purchasing document item. In parallel, the original image of the order confirmation is archived to the SAP purchasing document. All changes are automatically logged in AFI Confirmation.


Maximale Zeitersparnis mit der automatisierten Auftragsbestätigung

Maximum Time Savings with automated Order Confirmation

Confirmed as ordered: documents without variances can be automatically confirmed based on a predefined rule set. Manual effort is completely eliminated and transactions are recorded even faster in SAP.



Productive from anywhere

A dialog with the specialist department can be initiated in the event of variances. Inquiries can be made either directly in SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP, by e-mail or by using a Fiori app. By means of modern Fiori technology, document verification is possible at any time and from anywhere, regardless of whether the user is using a smartphone, tablet, PC, or notebook.


Modules for AFI Confirmation

Extensions that are convincing in practice: even a module can be a sophisticated overall solution. Similar to the modular principle, you adjust our software for order confirmations in SAP with the modules based on your requirements and company processes - you decide what is best for you.

Sichere Bearbeitung und Prüfung von Auftragsbestätigung mit SAP IDoc

IDoc and EDI

Order confirmations received via SAP as IDocs can also be displayed in the central book of arrivals. This means that all inbound documents - regardless of the technical format - are available seamlessly in one overview. AFI Confirmation transfers order confirmations without variances directly into the SAP purchasing document. Only documents with variances are marked in the book of arrivals and submitted to the person in charge for further checking and processing.


AFI Confirmation schließt die Effizienzlücke in SAP Ariba und sorgt für die zentrale Verwaltung und Transparenz

AFI and SAP Ariba: your Power Team

With the introduction of SAP Ariba as a digital solution for order confirmations in SAP, some important issues remain unresolved: for example, in the standard SAP Ariba changes the data directly in the SAP purchasing document and accepts any variances that may exist without the need for a user to check them.

Furthermore, automatic posting of a changed order confirmation using SAP Ariba is an additional challenge. AFI Confirmation closes these efficiency gaps and provides centralized maintenance and transparency of all incoming order confirmations. Each person in charge is therefore informed transparently and in due time about any variances.


Auftragsbestätigungen anwenderfreundlich in jeder Landessprache

User-Friendly in Any Language

AFI's standard software solutions are delivered in German and English. Further languages are optionally available. 

Our customers currently have more than 20 national languages in use, e.g. Bulgarian, Chinese, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish or Turkish. 

Language packages are individually extendible and will be automatically included in future software releases. This ensures that new functions and features can be understood and used by co-workers at locations abroad.

On Premises, Digitization Service or Cloud?

One, Two or Cloud?

Your freedom of choice: Select one of the three solution variants that fits your company best and most economically. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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AFI Digitalisierungsservice Full Service

Digitization Service Required?

Better focus on the core processes: By outsourcing postal, scanning, recognition and validation activities to our professional shared service center.                                                                               

Digitization Service

AFI DocumentHub Cloud Service

AFI Cloud Services

Speed up your SAP processes with AFI Cloud Services: Process large data documents from incoming orders, order confirmations or incoming invoices better, faster and more cost-efficient.

Cloud Services

Whitepaper Order Confirmation

Whitepaper: Better Digitization of Order Confirmations

What functions does a system solution need for the digital and automated processing of incoming order confirmations in SAP? Find the right software and get smart!

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Further Information


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Live Presentation

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Our experts will be happy to answer the questions of your specialist departments and will focus on the requirements of your company. 

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