Document Recognition in the Cloud

  • Cost savings through elimination of expensive hardware & licenses
  • Pay-per-use model for full control of costs
  • Best data quality due to deployment of AI
  • High performance through state-of-the art services
  • High data security (data center in Germany)

Cloud Solutions for Document Extraction and Verification

Accelerate your SAP processes with AFI cloud services: process large data documents from incoming orders, order confirmations or incoming invoices better, faster and more cost-effectively.

Your documents end up in the AFI DocumentHub, our data center in Germany, and this is where they are extracted, verified and securely returned to your SAP system. Data recognition is supported and continuously improved by deep learning.

You save set-up and project expenses, benefit from state-of the-art services and thanks to pay-per-use, you are only charged for the functionality you really need.

Services and solutions from the cloud are available faster and also easier to use. If desired, the AFI services can optionally be extended and additional document types can be added.


Your Benefits

  • Saving of initial investment costs, no need to deploy servers, Windows licenses or IT staff 
  • Ideal performance and availability: AFI Solutions proactively operates and monitors the system for you

  • Best recognition results: Intelligent, self-learning OCR with machine learning

  • Cost control through pay-per-use: You only pay as much as you use

  • No more update projects: You always work with the latest software version
  • Full security: Secure connection (https/IMAP/SFTP) and process logging
  • Easily scalable cloud solution: Depending on your needs, services can be easily booked and used right away

AFI DocumentHub: The Best Data Quality for Sure

The powerful package of cloud-based services ensures for extraction and verification of your documents at the highest stage. The following components are available in the AFI DocumentHub.


Data Hub DocConnect

DocConnect works in the background without user action and ensures a smooth process. The service connects your SAP system with the AFI data center: DocConnect collects documents which come in electronically and distributes them to the corresponding recognition service DocXtract or, if required, to the verification service DocVerify. Finally, the service makes sure that the acquired data ends up in the SAP system and that the users are informed.


Recognition Professional DocXtract

DocXtract uses recognition logic to extract data from invoices, order confirmations or customer orders in TIFF, PDF or EML (e-mail) format. This service does not require any user interaction and runs in the background as well. DocXtract ensures that you can continue to work smoothly with the information in the incoming documents in your SAP system. A machine learning process (artificial intelligence) is integrated to continuously improve data recognition. You decide which document component of DocXtract is to be deployed in your system.


Reliable Testing with DocVERIFY

If a document does not meet a project-specific recognition rate, DocVerify takes over. For optical verification, the recognized data can be compared with the image of the original in a web user interface. This DocumentHub service specializes in validation and makes it all around convenient.

Input channels

Productive Services

The cloud services process incoming orders (service order), order confirmations (service confirmation) and incoming invoices (service invoice). The documents are transferred to the applications by the customer in the form of e-mails with attached documents or by scanned documents via scan-to-mail to a particular mailbox. The data recognized and verified by the cloud-based services is forwarded by the DocConnect Service to the SAP system for further processing.  


Comfortable and Safe

Update projects are a thing of the past with DocumentHub: we ensure that the services are up-to-date at a central location. AFI proactively monitors the system and maintenance work is carried out in agreed down times. You can be sure to always work with the best and most secure version and use the latest functions.

Live presentation

Live Presentation

Learn more about the AFI DocumentHub for document extraction and verification in the cloud in a live-demo – via the web or at your premises. Our experts will be happy to answer the questions of your specialist departments and will focus on the requirements of your company.

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