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  • Scanning directly from SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP
  • Optimal Overview of All SAP Attachments
  • Linking of E-Mails directly to the SAP Transaction
  • Clear Business Processes
AFI Organize
Direct Scanning to the SAP Transaction

Direct Scanning and Archiving of Paper Documents to SAP

Directly: with AFI Organize, you add additional documents directly to any SAP business objects – free of barcodes and without any other efforts. Scanned documents are immediately archived via SAP ArchiveLink and linked to the respective SAP business object. The information is available to the persons in charge transparently and quickly. Tedious program changes and media breaks are a thing of the past.

With the scan tool all documents are immediately where they are needed: in SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP.

Possible applications of the AFI Tool are versatile and suitable for use wherever generic object services are available in a business object, for example when scanning: certificates of origin to invoices, proofs of services to vendor invoices, material sketches to sales orders, quality records to delivery notes, letters of application to HR master data or hazard sheets to material master data.

Scan supports any standard scanner with TWAIN interface. The user starts the AFI Tool directly from his familiar SAP environment. Handling is as simple as the installation.

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By the way: Since 2021 DirectList, DirectMail and DirectScan are now called AFI Organize.

Direct Archiving of E-Mails to the SAP Transaction

With AFI Organize, you link and archive a selected e-mail including file attachments (e.g. order information, performance records, sketches, certificates and drawings etc.) with the corresponding SAP business object.

The e-mail for the process is thereby available to every SAP user via the SAP attachment list in the generic object services. E-mail storage in personal customer and supplier mailboxes can be omitted. With the e-mail tool, everyone involved in the process has immediate access to the relevant mail correspondence: simply and securely out of SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP.

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By the way: Since 2021 DirectList, DirectMail and DirectScan are now called AFI Organize.

Übersicht über alle SAP-Anlagen

Clear Display of Attachments to the SAP Business Object

Leave nothing to chance: With the aid of AFI Organize, attachments and documents to SAP business objects can easily be organized and structured. AFI Organize replaces the conventional SAP attachment list and creates added value by speaking naming and document grouping.

You will get a much better overview: All important information such as file type, archiving date and author are displayed at a glance. Customized document attributes can also be included as info.

Due to its simple handling and structured display, AFI Organize List is an absolutely essential SAP add-on which supports you in your daily work in SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP.

»List« is included free of charge in »Mail« and »Scan«.

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By the way: Since 2021 DirectList, DirectMail and DirectScan are now called AFI Organize.

Your Benefits

  • Fast implementation of AFI Organize via SAP transports and customizing in just a few minutes integrated directly in SAP

    Benefits Scan to SAP
  • Scanning directly from SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP without program changes
  • Support for the SAP ArchiveLink interface and standard scanners (with TWAIN interface)
  • Single scanning as single and multipage TIFF files

    Benefits E-Mails directly to the SAP process
  • Direct linking of e-mail in SAP business objects (e.g. order, delivery note, reminder, goods receipt, drawing, performance record… )
  • Control directly from the familiar SAP GUI and from the modern SAP S/4HANA web interfaces

  • Secure storage of e-mails via ArchiveLink interface in any archive or in the SAP Content Server

    Benefits SAP Attachment List

  • Fully compatible with existing SAP business objects

  • More document info in SAP, e.g. detailed information on file type, date and user

  • Optimized SAP attachment list




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