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CSR is the smile with which a company meets its environment

We bear responsibility - for our customers and business partners, our staff as well as for our environment and our society. As a company, we are aware of the scope of our actions: economic, ecological and social objectives must harmonize in order for economic success to be sustainable. At AFI Solutions, this is not a requirement, but an attitude we live by.

We have already grown very fond of four social projects, which we support regularly. In the future, we will significantly expand our social commitment and our contribution to a future worth living. We base our selection on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In addition to our four major social projects, we regularly support various smaller campaigns each year that are recommended to us by our staff.

What has long been a matter of course for us:

AFI Solutions has been involved in social projects for many years and takes environmental protection seriously. This is based on responsible and sustainable corporate management of an owner-managed company.

Social Engagement

What makes AFI Solutions' projects of the heart stand out?

We are looking for smaller projects that have a tight marketing budget but make a big difference to the donatees.

We welcome projects in which our staff can actively participate – beyond the donation of money.

Transparency is not only a benefit of AFI's solutions, but also shapes all our actions, and this is why it is also important to us when selecting projects. We want to be able to see at any time how much money is needed for what.

The more you are, the more you can accomplish

One person can make a difference, but real change requires more. For this reason, we also encourage AFI Solutions' business partners to participate in our social projects.


Green power
We switched to »green power« as early as the beginning of this millennium when the first suppliers came onto the market.

CO2 consideration in the vehicle fleet
For many years, we have been ensuring that our company vehicles consume as little fuel as possible and therefore have low CO2 emissions. The first plug-in hybrid company car joined our fleet in 2014. We are gradually converting to electric mobility.

Train before car before plane
With regard to business trips, we have always preferred to use energy-efficient means of transport which are economically justifiable.

Compensation of greenhouse gas emissions
We attach great importance to a future worth living. For this reason, we support the reforestation and protection of the rainforest in Costa Rica. For the compensation of unavoidable emissions in 2022, a total of 90 metric tons of CO2 were offset by reforestation projects in Costa Rica.


Job ticket
Encouraging public transport and its use by our staff is close to our heart.

Bicycle leasing
Our own muscle power can also save a lot of CO2 and sporting activity has a positive effect on the health of our staff at the same time.

Passing on instead of throwing away
IT hardware and office equipment is not simply disposed of but passed on to social institutions or sold to our staff. Once again, the proceeds benefit social projects.


Renaturalization of moorlands
United for more moorlands, more CO2 sequestration, and more biodiversity! AFI Solutions participates financially in renaturalization measures of regional moorlands by the nature protection center Pfrunger-Burgweiler Ried.

The goals we set for ourselves

Since 2020, the owners of AFI Solutions have committed to donating 1 % of the service revenue generated in the fiscal year to sustainable, social or environmental projects [].

Our objective is for AFI Solutions to be CO2 neutral by 2025. Wherever CO2 cannot be saved or avoided, we have set ourselves the goal of compensating the amount generated through sustainable projects.


You can find our complete sustainability commitment below as a PDF document for download.
Let's make the world a better place together.

Sustainability Commitment of AFI Solutions

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