Digital Processing of Sales Orders in SAP

  • 360-degree view in the AFI Order Monitor with one click
  • Fast order processing due to intelligent assistants
  • Automated order creation
  • Fully integrated in SAP
  • RPA and AI technology

Digital Processing of All Incoming Sales Orders in SAP

Increase your efficiency by up to 50 percent with the digitization of sales orders and inquiries in SAP and gain time for the bare essentials.

With AFI Order, you process incoming sales documents digitally and fully integrated in SAP. The SAP add-on provides you with state-of-the-art technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Due to multi-channel input management, you will harmonize all entry channels such as e-mail with PDF, fax, EDI, IDoc or SAP Ariba and set the digital basis for efficient processing.

Be it search, results list or processing status: with the 360-degree view in the AFI Monitor, you have all relevant information at your fingertips.

Intelligent assistants take over the direct alignment with SAP master data, check the data and thereby accelerate order processing. Smart rules also ensure efficient, accurate and even automated order creation.

Another highlight is our innovative Fiori dashboard: it provides you with a transparent live overview and ensures well-founded decisions based on targeted analyses.

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By the way: Since 2021 DirectOrderControl and Solution4Order are now called AFI Order.

Your Benefits

  • 360-degree overview: greater transparency and control over sales orders and inquiries with sorting and favorites functions as well as transaction-related status displays
  • Improved customer experience: convenient editing and fast, accurate creation of sales orders in SAP
  • Intelligent assistants & smart rules perform secure, direct matching, and accelerate order processing
  • Automated order creation permits processing of higher order volumes
  • Increase in efficiency: elimination of manual activities creates time for the bare essentials
  • Physical independence – even when working from home
  • Completely integrated in SAP: familiar SAP environment due to integrated program logic and data management as well as direct access to all data such as the document flow
  • View the original document on your screen with one click: manual filing and linking to orders is no longer required
  • Multi-channel input management: harmonization of entry channels such as e-mail, PDF, fax, EDI, IDoc or SAP Ariba
  • RPA & AI: process support with state-of-the-art technologies
  • Analytics: perform targeted analyses for well-founded decisions with the Fiori dashboard
  • Module for configurable materials: secure processing of characteristics for configured materials
  • Material availability check for targeted information
  • AFI Academy: study online when and where it suits you best with interactive and multimedia learning content

From Order Entry to Order Creation in under 10 Seconds

AFI Order Multi-Channel-Input-Management

All Sales Documents Welcome

AFI Order supports and accelerates the complete order entry process: regardless of whether sales documents arrive via e-mail, PDF, fax, EDI, IDoc or SAP Ariba. Leading technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) ensure the best possible interaction.

Everything in View with One Click

360-degree overview: the AFI Order Monitor combines all information about your sales orders in SAP at a glance. You have direct access to favorites, a comprehensive search function as well as the display of results with talking status icons.

Perfectly Organized

Targeted display of relevant sales orders in SAP with just a few clicks. Comprehensive search options by data, processing status or full text make the work even easier. In addition, frequently recurring searches can be quickly and conveniently saved as favorites.

Multifunctional. Powerful. User-friendly.

AFI Order Center: central and digital processing of sales orders directly in SAP. All header and item data is filled in with the sales order data due to RPA and OCR technology. This is followed by direct matching of principal, goods recipient, material and much else with the corresponding SAP master data. The original document is immediately available at any time. Intelligent assistants provide support for further processing. Clarifications are performed simply by means of a digital workflow.

Smart Support Provided by Intelligent Assistants

A number of assistants provide support in order processing and reduce the error rate: they indicate any inconsistencies directly, for example in the case of price variances or a lack of material availability. The assistant notifications are clearly visible and lead to the corresponding note with one click.

AFI Order Creation

Creation of SD Order

Sales orders in SAP can now be created efficiently and error-free with just one click. Existing rules and checks in your SAP system are fully considered.

Automated Order Creation

It is also possible to create sales orders completely automatized if the orders comply with predefined rules. These can be customized to your organization's unique needs (e.g. authorized customers, maximum amount, or no error message). If AFI Order evaluates the rules as positive, the completed sales order appears in the AFI Monitor without any manual intervention.

AFI Order Analyses

Transparent Live Overview

Proper decision-making requires a transparent data analysis: by means of the AFI Monitor or via the modern Fiori Analytics App, you have direct access to comprehensive analyses for targeted decisions.

Pimp your SAP: Modules for AFI Order

Small but mighty. Thanks to the modular principle, our solutions can be adjusted to your needs - exactly as required. This enables many interlocking variants based on a strong standard for digital processing of sales orders.

AFI Order IDoc und EDI

Processing of Electronic Documents in AFI Order

This module provides complete digital processing of incoming sales documents via IDoc or EDI. In addition, a readable document with the data of the electronic message is automatically generated. This also enables you to view sales orders received electronically in the central AFI Order Monitor and check them in equal measure.

AFI Order configurable material

Variant Configuration? No Problem!

All material characteristics are read from the document and fed to the variant configuration. AFI Order uses the module for configurable material to check directly for the validity of the configuration. This allows the order to be created fully automated and manual processing is reduced to a minimum.

AFI Order Analytics

Recognize Optimization Potential!

Where is potential for optimization still needed? With our future-oriented Fiori Analytics App, you can focus on your internal processes and customer trends at an early stage. Transparency and fast reactions are pre-programmed. The powerful analytics tool enables you to perform targeted analyses, determine KPI key figures, and perform extensive graphical analyses.

User-friendly in Any Language

AFI's standard software solutions are delivered in German and English. Further languages are optionally available. Our customers currently have more than 20 national languages in use, e.g. Bulgarian, Chinese, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish or Turkish. Klingon, Sindarin or Na'vi are not foreign to us and can be requested.

Language packages are individually extendible and will be automatically included in future software releases. This ensures that new functions and features can be understood and used by co-workers at locations abroad.

On Premises, Digitization Service or Cloud?

One, Two or Cloud?

Your freedom of choice: Select one of the three solution variants that fits your company best and most economically. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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AFI RedPaperCenter Digitization Service

Digitization Service Required?

Better focus on the core processes: By outsourcing postal, scanning, recognition and validation activities to our professional shared service center.                                                                               

Digitization Service

AFI DocumentHub Cloud Service

AFI Cloud Services

Speed up your SAP processes with AFI Cloud Services: Process large data documents from incoming orders, order confirmations or incoming invoices better, faster and more cost-efficient.

Cloud Services

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With AFI Order, VAHLE provides more transparency and speed in the order entry process.

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